Art therapy for people with PTSD

31 серпня 2023 р.

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Art therapy for people with PTSD

31 серпня 2023 р.

Art therapy is beneficial for individuals with PTSD because it provides an outlet for self-expression when verbal communication is difficult.

A study conducted by UkrSotsStandard showed that 52% of Mariupol residents have symptoms of PTSD.

During severe stress, normal memory processes involving the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex may be disrupted. This can lead to fragmented memories without a clear context or understanding of the traumatic event.

Art therapy offers a wide range of activities that allow people to safely confront and work through their fears and anxieties. By transforming their emotions into tangible forms, such as through artwork, people can access and work through their traumatic memories. Visualization techniques used in art therapy help regulate unpleasant emotions and promote self-love, leading to a more resourceful state. Art therapy addresses a variety of psychological issues, including trauma, loss, conflict, stress, and age-related crises.

It is relatively easy to conduct art therapy sessions at home. All you need are basic materials such as paper, paints and brushes. For example, finger painting provides tactile stimulation and reflex massage, positively affecting the nervous system. The creation of collages involves the compilation of cutouts on a chosen topic, which contributes to the development of prognostic thinking and the establishment of a connection with the subconscious.

Drawing mandalas, or circular designs derived from Hinduism and Buddhism, can promote meditation and introspection.

Art therapy is a powerful tool for people who have difficulty expressing their emotions and thoughts. It allows you to first explore complex topics through artistic expression, which opens the way to further discussion and understanding.

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