Full-scale war in Ukraine lasts 56 days

20 вересня 2022 р.

The girl holds a small flag of Ukraine in her hands

Full-scale war in Ukraine lasts 56 days

20 вересня 2022 р.

Since February 24, our hotline 7333 has not stopped working for a single day. During this time, we have provided more than 2 thousand consultations to our subscribers.

We receive calls from all over Ukraine, so we hear about cities where shelling is taking place, about relatives who are under occupation, about difficult decisions to travel abroad, about panic attacks from sirens and the sounds of planes in the sky.

We are grateful to our partners Bifriends Worldwide, who offered their help in the first few days. We are grateful to our colleagues from ERAN, Israel's emotional support line, who advise 7333 from Sunday to Thursday from 16 to 19 hours. We are grateful to the Lithuanian emotional support line 1809, whose consultants provide emotional support for 7333 on weekdays from 19 to 21, and from 12 to 15 on weekends. These partners and colleagues help us provide crisis counseling and emotional support to our subscribers, provide psychological assistance to the military, their relatives and civilians affected by the war.”

ERAN - Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet

„Jaunimo linija“ – 8 800 28888

Befrienders Worldwide | Emotional support to prevent suicide worldwide

Thank you for supporting us and helping Ukrainians to be indestructible!

Friends, we also have a request for you. Our Ukrainian language is wonderful and we love it madly. Full-time consultants and consultants of Lifeline Ukraine advise exclusively in Ukrainian. However, the volunteers who help us may have limited knowledge of the Ukrainian language. Please understand this difficult situation. Perhaps help you or your loved ones was provided and will be provided by those who speak Russian. But everyone who answers the call on our hotline 7333 has a desire to help!

Remember, we are close to you, just one call away, around the clock.

Glory To Ukraine!