How the Lifeline Ukraine team improves its professionalism

23 березня 2021 р.

LLUkraine team

How the Lifeline Ukraine team improves its professionalism

23 березня 2021 р.

Our team completed a significant number of exercises in the first year of operation.

In August 2019, Lifeline Ukraine founder Paul Nayland completed his LivingWorks program. During this training course, he studied a four-step model for identifying markers of suicidal behavior and resources for safety and support in situations of suicidal crisis.

On September 23-26, 2019, Lifeline Ukraine consultants attended a four-day training session of the Israeli Emotional First Aid Service ERAN, with a total duration of 23 hours. The trainers were Dr. Shiri Daniels, global professional director, and David Koren, CEO. The provider in Ukraine was the organization "Israeli coalition of injuries". During the training, team members mastered crisis counseling skills and understood the experience of the ERAN hotline, which has a 50-year history of operation.

On December 12-13, 2019, the Lifeline Ukraine team hosted a two-day training session by Dr. April J. Smith.Naturale, a crisis consultant, is currently Assistant VP of National Programs at Vibrant Emotional Health. At this training, the Lifeline Ukraine team mastered the risk assessment methodology and studied intervention measures related to suicide prevention. We also studied the methods of caring for the psychological health of consultants and preventing secondary injuries. 30 people were trained.

Since December 2019, we have started internal trainings. The first one was conducted by Alexander Yakovets and Natalia Lazorenko on the topic of working with addictions and singing by dependent persons. We considered the mechanism of forming dependent behavior and the features of advising subscribers with such requests. 15 people took part in the training.

In January 2020, a seminar was organized for Lifeline Ukraine from representatives of the World Federation of veterans and the European Organization of military associations. The seminar addressed the issues of adaptation of veterans to peaceful life, experiencing post-traumatic stress and Prevention of suicidal behavior. The training was attended by the entire team, united in 2 subgroups of 2 days each In January 2020, Elena Vdovenko, a hotline consultant, held an internal seminar on "domestic violence counseling". As a result of the seminar, participants received a referral algorithm for advising subscribers in situations of domestic violence. The seminar was attended by 10 people.

During February 2020, a series of Game techniques was held on the topic "goal setting and personal development", which was organized by shift manager Anastasia Glazkova for 12 people from the team.

During February and March 2020, subgroup information sessions were held on the law of Ukraine "on military duty and military service", which were conducted by Chief Psychologist Valentina Savchenko. The exercise covers 25 people. In March 2020, a seminar "risks of working in closed small groups" was held by shift manager Alisa Locksmith, where they discussed personal boundaries and employee adaptation. The seminar was attended by 20 people.

Also in March 2020, we worked at the seminar "effective methods of body therapy and living complex emotions", which was prepared by shift manager Marina Rebrik.

April 2020 brought the Team 2 seminars – "gender equality policy" by Olga Liber, a psychologist and crisis consultant, and "Prevention of psychoemotional burnout" by Irina Radelitskaya, a shift manager.

In May 2020, we studied the topic "experiencing loss", a seminar on which was prepared by crisis consultant Doroshenko Victoria.

In the summer of 2020, we decided to take a break from training and resume internal trainings from the fall. The Lifeline Ukraine team attended the international online conference on Suicide Prevention, which lasted 4 days. During the conference, Our specialists attended 8 webinars of various specialists working with the problem of suicide, with a total duration of 16 hours.

September 2020 brought us an information session on "gender non-discrimination and gender equality", which was prepared by crisis consultant Liber Olga.

In October 2020, they talked about burnout syndrome at a seminar by crisis consultant Victoria Doroshenko.

On October 2-3, 2020, members of the management team took part in an online conference on mental health issues in the mental Health & Emotional Well-being Conference for Business organizations. The conference was devoted to research on mental health during the spread of the pandemic and highlighting methods of working with personnel to preserve resource States and efficiency.

In November 2020, Lifeline Ukraine founder Paul Nyland was trained in a first aid mentor training course for suicidal behavior, which was organized by the UK's National Center for Suicide Prevention. The training lasted from November 16 to 19. As a result, Paul Nyland has the right to join organizations and teach groups of people to recognize possible suicide intentions and show how to support a person in their return to the desire to live.

In November 2020, the chief physician of the Lesnaya Polyana Hospital, Ksenia Borisovna Voznitsina, was invited to prepare a seminar on "contusion: autograph of war" for the Lifeline Ukraine team.

We are happy to Share our experience, get acquainted, communicate and plan for the future! Veterans' mental health concerns everyone!

During November 2020-January 2021, 4 people from the team are trained by KSP “Seta” “therapeutic approach based on common elements: a short workshop to think differently” .

On November 20, Yulia Sergiyko, lifeline Ukraine Project Coordinator, held a seminar on "managing emotions during a pandemic" from the Center for psychosocial support (CPSU) with the support of the German Ministry of foreign affairs, Malteser International and the Maltese ADHD aid in Ukraine.

In November and December 2020, 17 people from the team attended a 2-day training in the project of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" together with the University Clinic Akershus (aHUS) (Norway) in cooperation with the public organization "Association of specialists in conflict resolution and social and psychological support "words help". The training is aimed at mastering the skills to determine the suicidal risk of individuals in communities.

Project Coordinator Yulia Sergiyko December 9, 2020. she took part in the online conference “Workplace Wellness (W2)”, which discussed how to create a system of caring for employees and shaping the physical, mental, emotional and professional well-being of the team.