Lifeline has launched a project to conduct educational seminars on suicide prevention and mental health support

8 грудня 2022 р.

LifeLine Ukraine educational seminars

Lifeline has launched a project to conduct educational seminars on suicide prevention and mental health support

8 грудня 2022 р.

In January 2022, Lifeline Ukraine, with the support of the Australian Embassy in Ukraine, launched a project to conduct educational seminars on suicide prevention and mental health support. By this time, the organization's specialists conducted seminars for such organizations as the Kiev City Center for social services for families, children and youth, the public organization "Rovno-TAKMED", the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", the NGO "Association of women of Ukraine "action", the Kiev Youth Center, The Open International University of human development "Ukraine" and directly covered more than 200 people.

Due to the weak development of the system of providing services in the field of mental health and the taboo topic of suicide, people are often left alone in crisis States. Educating the adult population about experiencing a psychological crisis, suicidal tendencies, providing emotional support, timely response and redirection will increase the chances of people at risk of committing suicide to receive support and assistance in time, which will affect the overall psychological well-being and reduce the number of suicides.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the Prevention of suicidal behavior and create a culture of mental health care.

Raising awareness draws attention to suicide prevention through the following messages:

• Suicide is a serious public health problem. people affected by it can seek help.

• How to recognize and support people with suicidal thoughts.

• How to start a conversation about suicide and respond appropriately to suicidal behavior

Raising public awareness helps to: • inform that suicide is a serious issue that needs attention; • reduce stigma about suicide by debunking myths and misconceptions and talking about attitudes or beliefs about mental health and suicide, including attitudes towards people who have attempted suicide or lost family members due to suicide; • raise awareness of the role of individuals in supporting people at risk; • encourage by offering help; • provide knowledge of where to seek help.

Currently, the line's specialists, who are speakers at seminars, offer the following topics,

which are directly related to the Prevention of suicidal behavior or are related to this problem.

  1. Suicide prevention: talking for life.
  2. Algorithm for providing psychological assistance to a person who has expressed an intention to commit suicide.
  3. About mental health: how to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  4. Online consulting for crisis clients
  5. Psychological security: living with self-care.
  6. Suicide: hotline cases. How to turn aside life.
  7. Female suicide: who? How? Why?
  8. Prevention of emotional (professional) burnout.
  9. Prevention of child and adolescent suicide.
  10. Suicide prevention among military personnel and veterans.

As awareness increases at both the community and country levels, the demand for relevant services and support will increase. Our suicide prevention hotline has been operating around the clock and seven days a week since 2019. At the moment, more than 18,700 requests have been received.

We are the first specialized line in Ukraine and one of the few that works 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have a well-formed team of specialists who have been trained by international experts and have a significant practice of crisis counseling on suicide prevention. Over a period of 2 years, we have accumulated expertise in providing emotional support and crisis counseling services, which is meaningful and needs to be distributed among a wide range of interested parties and organizations, such as public authorities, service commercial organizations, non-profit public organizations that provide targeted services to the population.

In order to inform you about your desire to invite our speakers to a seminar for your organization or institution, please fill out the registration form and our project manager will contact you.