Post-concussion syndrome-autograph of War: features of the course and manifestations

23 грудня 2022 р.

Post-concussion syndrome-autograph of War: features of the course and manifestations

23 грудня 2022 р.

Workshop № 2
Speaker-Ksenia Voznitsina, chief physician of the state institution “Hospital of war veterans “Lesnaya Polyana” of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Seminar topic: post-concussion syndrome - "autograph of War": features of the course and manifestations.

We reviewed: interesting historical facts that will help to understand the nature of this syndrome; the mechanism of occurrence and main syndromes; myths about post-concussion syndrome that make it difficult to recover and debunk them; what to do and what not to do to help overcome.

A comprehensive, multi-level and consistent approach is needed to provide high-quality and effective assistance to veterans who have the consequences of exposure to traumatic events and in general to preserve the mental health of society. The strength of such assistance lies in the unity and close cooperation of state structures, public and charitable organizations, and society. Based on this principle, a memorandum was signed between the national line for Suicide Prevention and mental health support "LifeLine" and the Center for mental health and rehabilitation of Veterans of the DZ

"Hospital of war veterans "Lesnaya Polyana"Ministry of health of Ukraine". The goal of this collaboration is to create a holistic," seamless "space in restoring veterans' mental health, moving from inpatient treatment and rehabilitation to further support and support, which will create a sense of security and trust among veterans. Such work will allow the specialists of the line and the Center to operate with the same concepts and provide assistance that will not only not contradict each other, but also complement it.

Within the framework of the memorandum, at the request of LifeLine, several educational seminars are planned for consultants of the line, which will be conducted by specialists of the Center (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists) who have extensive practical experience. In turn, the center's patients will always be informed about the possibility of receiving permanent professional care from the line ??? in case of a crisis situation or for further support at home.

The topic for the first seminar was one of the most common problems that concerns veterans of our time – the consequences of the mine-blast wave in the form of post-concussion syndrome, the so-called "aftograph of war".

Such an "invisible" wound can remind you of itself for a long time and significantly disrupt the quality of life even several years after receiving it. Along with somatic, that is, physical, disorders, the psychoemotional sphere is significantly disrupted, which often prevents veterans from communicating qualitatively, establishing family relations and simply living a full life! Many myths revolve around post-concussion syndrome due to a lack of awareness of this problem, both among veterans and among society and people who provide assistance; incorrect approaches to treatment and rehabilitation. That is why post-concussion syndrome is one of the main focus points of attention of specialists of the Center for mental health and rehabilitation of the state institution "Hospital of war veterans "Lesnaya Polyana" of the Ministry of health of Ukraine".

The first part of the seminar was conducted by Ksenia Voznitsina, chief physician of the hospital, a neurologist by profession, with extensive experience in studying and treating post-concussion syndrome, which is currently the area of ії professional interest. The historical aspects of studying the consequences of the explosion were highlighted; the processes occurring in the brain, which are the basis for the manifestations of post-concussion syndrome in the future, the features of its course and clinical picture, according to Ksenia "clinical chameleon", and most importantly, how to learn to overcome its consequences. In addition, they debunked the "myths" about "concussion" and talked about brain neuroplasticity.

The second part of the seminar will be held by the head of the psychological direction of the Center, psychologist Tatyana Sirenko, where the conversation about overcoming the consequences will continue.

"contusions "taking into account psychological approaches to such work: "psychological portrait of a veteran with post-contusion syndrome, recommendations of a psychologist on the formation of self-help skills to reduce the consequences of"contusion".

Further seminars are planned, at the request of the line's consultants on the most relevant topics, as well as those on which information is insufficient.

Thus, two seminars will be held by the center's psychiatrist, Vladimir Shurduk, who also has many years of experience, including in forensic psychiatric examination, on the following topics: brain lesions (traumatic brain injuries): features of communication; 2. features of telephone counseling for people with chronic mental disorders.

The seminar on "features of communication with people who have survived captivity and torture" will be conducted by Tatiana Sirenko, who is a leading expert on this topic in Ukraine.

We are happy to Share our experience, get acquainted, communicate and plan for the future! Veterans ' mental health is everyone's business!

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