Seminar on: special needs of women veterans

23 грудня 2022 р.

Seminar on: special needs of women veterans

23 грудня 2022 р.

Workshop № 4
Speaker-Ekaterina Priymak, veteran, deputy chairman of the organization "Women's veteran movement”

Seminar topic: special needs of veteran women


Why services for veterans should be gender-sensitive.

Medical services for veterans. How limited access to medical services at the front responds upon return.

Return to peaceful life. Features of the psychoemotional state of Veterans. Psychotherapy for veterans. Relationship with the family. "Circle of your own".

Reintegration into society. Veterans ' needs for self-realization. Features of employment of Veterans.

Since the beginning of the war, women have proved their right to serve and fight on an equal basis with men. As of 2020, more than 30 thousand women are already serving in the Ukrainian army, and there are about 10 thousand participants in military operations. Women who have gone through war, as well as men, need attention and support in the process of returning to peaceful life.

The return of a person from war is a multi – component issue that includes the restoration of all spheres of life. Is there a special way for veterans to reintegrate into society?

Women who seek to defend the integrity of Ukraine with weapons have been discriminated against since the beginning of the war. And this discrimination is not only about the barriers that prevent women from entering the service and the general condemnation of women who choose the military path for themselves, although this somehow affects the psychological state of women after the army. After demobilization, a woman realizes that not only is the army not ready to accept women into its ranks (this applies primarily to mechanisms for protecting against violence, standards for protecting their health, and generally unwillingness to recruit women), but it is also not ready for a woman in the role of a veteran.

Most of the problems after the war relate to physical health. for women, gynecology, vertebrology and neurology remain the most problematic areas. The psychoemotional state of veterans is another area that requires focus. Joint meetings with other veterans contribute to self-identification and acceptance of their experience. Meetings with women with similar experiences and similar problems turn into circles of trust that have a therapeutic effect. Family therapy and family retreats are important points in the rehabilitation of Veterans. A significant need is often to restore close and warm relationships with children.

The need for self-realization of veterans, as well as veterans, often does not stand up to the test of everyday life. If it is necessary to feed the family, the easiest option for veterans is to continue their service, which only postpones and complicates the inevitable return to peaceful life. Veterans and female veterans are discriminated against in the labor market for a number of reasons, and some employers avoid taking veterans because of Veterans ' preferential benefits, such as additional leave, and so on. Some veterans, due to a gap in their professional career, cannot compete in their previous field of work after the war. Some employers stigmatize the group, so they avoid hiring veterans. A big request for veterans is a request to start their own business, get additional education, and so on.

Our organization "Women's veteran movement" is also engaged in educational projects for veterans. In addition to entrepreneurship, project management and marketing are in demand. The pandemic has increased interest in activities that provide autonomy and allow you to work remotely.