No matter how much information is given here, some questions will always remain. We are ready to answer all your questions. However, before contacting us, please read the list of most common questions below.

Who can contact Lifeline Ukraine?
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Lifeline Ukraine has been established primarily to provide support for veterans of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and their family members. But we are not going to ask any caller about their eligibility to use this support service. If you are in need of help, we are here for you.

Will anyone else be listening in on my call?
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In certain cases one of our Support Line Consultants might ask one of their more senior colleagues to listen in on a call to offer more advice. Nobody else would listen to any call for any reason. Our goal is to offer support in the best way we can using all of the resources within our team.

Will calls be recorded?
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No. We do not record any calls, not even for training purposes. Support Line Consultants may share details of certain calls, on an anonymous basis, with other team members so that we learn from our experiences together in our regular team meetings. In no other way will any details of any call be shared.

How quickly will you respond?
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We aim to answer all calls and messages immediately. At times when we are experiencing lots of calls there may be a short wait, we will try to avoid delays in answering calls by ensuring we have enough Support Line Consultants working to provide assistance at any given time.

What can I speak about?
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Whatever you need to. We are not just here to help suicidal callers, depression and anxiety take many forms. We want to help people to avoid becoming suicidal by offering emotional first aid, and we are ready to help people in times of emotional crisis. What you can talk about depends on what you need to talk about.

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