Paul Niland


Paul is a businessman, writer, and political commentator. His passion for Ukraine stems from his involvement in the revolutions of 2004/5 and 2013/4, and his writings about Ukraine are often focused on helping the international community better understand the reasons for and background behind the ongoing war in the Donbas, as well as Ukraine in general.

Yuliia Sergiiko

Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator

Valentina Savchenko

Resident Psychological Consultant

Advisory Board

Natalia Jaresko

Former Finance Minister of Ukraine

Kateryna Yuschenko

Former First Lady of Ukraine



Peter Shmigel

Former CEO of Lifeline Australia

Lydia Czorny Matiaszek

Expert in working with NGOs in various spheres

Serhiy Fomenko

Musician and public activist

Patricia Shmorhum Hawrylysyhn

Philanthropist, with degrees in the field of psychology


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