Lots of useful information about hypochondria, what it is and how it can be dangerous

24 November 2023

A person supports his close friend with hypochondria

Lots of useful information about hypochondria, what it is and how it can be dangerous

24 November 2023

Health anxiety disorder, also known as hypochondria, is a type of anxiety disorder. This disorder is characterized by excessive anxiety and concern about their health, despite the fact that there is no medical basis for such concerns.

The main signs of hypochondria may include:

- Constant adoption due to health conditions. A person may be in a state of anxiety and fear, thinking about the possibility of illness. - Search for explanations for physical symptoms. People with hypochondria may actively seek information about diseases and symptoms on the Internet or in the literature. - Frequent medical examinations. People may often see doctors or undergo numerous medical examinations, although their medical condition may be normal. - Trying to convince yourself that the disease exists.

Persons with hypochondria can convince themselves that doctors incorrectly diagnose their condition. Hypochondria can have several causes, and it is often a complex condition combining various factors. Here are some possible reasons:

Fear of disease: People with a tendency to hypochondria may have an innate fear of disease or death. This fear can be reinforced by certain life events or stresses, which is especially relevant for Ukrainians.

Stress and anxiety: Severe stress or anxiety can cause or exacerbate hypochondria. People can pay attention to their health as a way to cope with emotional difficulties. Experience of illness in the past: People who have experienced serious illness or have experienced illness in the family may be more prone to hypochondria.

Internet and health information: Easy access to information via the Internet can lead to self-diagnosis and adoption due to one's health. Especially if people with hypochondria read or search for information about diseases on the Internet, this can increase their anxiety.

Expectations of negative results: People with hypochondria may tend to expect negative results from medical tests or consultations, which may support their anxiety. Predisposition to anxiety: People who have a general predisposition to anxiety may be more prone to hypochondria. Doctors and psychotherapists can help those with symptoms of hypochondria understand and manage their anxiety, as well as provide support in solving psychological problems that may underlie this disorder.

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