LifelineUkraine hotline results for August 2023

14 вересня 2023 р.

LifeLine Ukraine Hotline manager answers calls

LifelineUkraine hotline results for August 2023

14 вересня 2023 р.

Consultants and consultants of hotline 7333 continue to provide round-the-clock consultations by phone and text.

Common requests made to the hotline by subscribers: suicidal behavior and acute suicide, domestic violence and family difficulties, anxiety, loneliness, depression, PTSD and difficulties of adaptation, problems in relationships and divorce, request for information, are false and silent. The most frequent requests are suicidal behavior and acute suicide, anxiety, loss and burning, request for information, relationship problems, loneliness.

During the reporting period of August 2023, 3102 consultations were provided, 2182 of them via phone, 920 in real-time chats.

In total, in August 2023, our system received more than 5845 requests for help, of which 21.8% of requests on the topic of suicidal behavior from subscribers and their relatives out of the total number of targeted qualitative appeals, and this is 2077 consultations.

That is, we were able to process 53% of the total stream of potential consultations. In August, 2 psychologists consulted on a shift most of the week, except for Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 19 pm to 7 am. During these periods on shift were simultaneously 3 psychologists. We left telephone counseling as a priority. When contacting in the chat, we ask you to call if the request is not a crisis - we send it to partner organizations. We consider it necessary to return to the categories of quality (target and non-target) and poor-quality/lost appeals.

Cases are divided into types: target, non-target and lost.

Lost or poor-quality appeals - primitive, entertaining, aggressive (one subscriber can call 5 times while intoxicated or for entertainment purposes, as we have in the situation with adolescents).

Targeted qualitative - has the theme of the appeal, it provides advice of a certain type (crisis, psychological, information advice or emotional support).

Inappropriate - silent, frustrated, erroneous. We do not consider them to be of poor quality, because a person can call back after our information consultation, having understood on what issues you can turn to the line.

It's all thanks to your generous donations.

Remember that we are around 24/7. With care for you, LifeLine Ukraine.